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How it all got started...

It may seem odd that a woman would start a recumbent tricycle club as her retirement dream.  It actually amazes me sometimes. Life throws problems at you and sometimes in the figuring out what to do about it it changes the course of your life forever and often it is for the best.


More than a decade ago I got a puppy that was more than a handful. After rigorous training and surviving being pulled over a cliff, I found I had not only an exceptionally intelligent dog but also a dog that was too high energy for me. This dog needed a job and my not wanting a herd of sheep- I went on the internet looking for a solution.


That’s where I found a guy in Oregon named Mark Schuette at Dog Powered Scooter.  He was selling dog scooters. It was a fun idea and it ended up changing both of our lives.


This was all well and good but over time I could see the ride could be improved. So I went back to the internet and found a thing called a recumbent trike.  I designed an outrigger attachment so that my dog could pull it while at the same time I could pedal and get more exercise.

This was more than a decade ago and at the time I didn’t know where it would lead me. This is it - Three’s a Charm Tricycle Club!


Get a recumbent trike.

Your body will thank you. 

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